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Ferry crossings from and to Dubrovnik, including fresh timetables, ticket prices and other relevant information. During high season, ferries and boats sail the Adriatic connecting all major ports with almost all inhabited islands in Croatia.

Travelling by ferry usually takes more time, but its a way to travel completely relaxed, enjoying the surroundings. Some ferry tickets can be booked online, be sure to search the ferry connections search engine and timetables bellow. We also recommend to confirm the schedule with the respective service provider. In case you need to spend the night there are hotels near the Dubrovnik Ferry Port.

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Dubrovnik - Bari Ferry by Jadrolinija (2018 Timetable Update)

Dubrovnik to Bari (Italy) and Bari to Dubrovnik Ferry Crossing

Marko Polo Ferry Jadrolinija

Marko Polo Ferry Jadrolinija

The national ferry company in Croatia is Jadrolinija and they operate the majority of ferry and catamaran routes in Croatia. During tourist season, ferries and boats sail the Adriatic connecting major ports with almost all inhabited islands. If you have time we recommend a scenic sailing with a summer coastal route which connects Dubrovnik and Rijeka, stoping in Korčula, Hvar and Split on the way. There are restaurants aboard the larger Jadrolinija ships and you can either reserve a cabin or travel on deck in reclining seats. Please see bellow for all prices regarding this route.

Ferry timetable for 2018 is published.

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Ferry from Dubrovnik to Split, including Croatia's islands Korčula, Brač and Hvar (2018 Timetable Update)

Ferry line with daily departures from Dubrovnik to Island Korčula, Island Brač, Island Hvar and Split.

This is a Catamaran passenger ferry that connects Dubrovnik with some of Croatia's most popular islands Korčula, Hvar and Brač. Finally the ferry arrives in Split on the same day. The boat capacity is 324 passengers and cars are not allowed. During high season advance booking is recommended since this ferry departures only once every day. For 2 or more persons travelling together a cheaper and faster alternative might be to rent a car to go from Dubrovnik to Split.

Ferry timetable for 2018 is published.

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Dubrovnik Ferry to Elaphiti Islands (2018 Timetable Update)

Dubrovnik ferry to Elaphiti Islands Koločep, Lopud and Šipan

Postira Elaphiti Islands Ferry Jadrolinija

Elaphiti Ferry Jadrolinija

This is one of the most popular boat connections used by tourists in Dubrovnik. Spend one day on one of the magical Elaphti Islands Koločep, Lopud and Šipan. Island Lopud also features the largest sand beach on Dubrovnik Riviera, perfect if you plan to visit the island with kids.
Daily departures are available, if you wish to see all three islands in one day we recommend that you book a 3 Island Cruise, more information in our tours section.

Ferry timetable for 2018 is published.

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Dubrovnik Ferry catamaran to Island Mljet (2018 Timetable Update)

Dubrovnik high-speed line to Luka Šipanska, Sobra (Mljet), Polače (Mljet), Korčula and Ubli (Lastovo)

Nona Ana Ferry from Dubrovnik to Mljet Island

Nona Ana Ferry Dubrovnik to Mljet

The northern part of Mljet Island is a National Park. Island Mljet is regarded as the most beautiful and most wooded island of the Adriatic. During summer this ferry crossing continues to Island Korčula and Lastovo, and has more departures to and from Dubrovnik and Island Mljet. Passenger ferry operates in wintertime once a day. Highly recommended as a one day trip.

Timetable 2018 published.

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Prapratno to Sobra on Island Mljet Ferry (2018 Timetable Update)

Prapratno on Pelješac peninsula to Sobra on Island Mljet car and passenger ferry

Prapratno on Pelješac peninsula to Island Mljet Ferry

Prapratno to Island Mljet Ferry

A very important ferry line connecting Island Mljet with Prapratno on Pelješac peninsula. This car and passenger ferry departs four times per day during winter, and even more frequent during summer. Prapratno is located ca. 60 km north from Dubrovnik. During summer the car line builds up fast, please check our timetable for departures. If you do not have a car there is a regular bus to Orebić, stopping at Prapratno.

2018 timetable published.

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Ploče to Trpanj on Pelješac peninsula ferry (2018 Timetable Update)

Ploče on the mainland to Trpanj on Pelješac peninsula car and passenger ferry

Ploče to Trpanj car ferry by Jadrolinija

Ploče to Trpanj car ferry Jadrolinija

This car and passanger ferry line connects Ploče on the mainland with Trpanj on Pelješac peninsula. If arriving to Dubrovnik from the north and wanting to avoid crossing the Bosnia-Hercegovina border you could take this ferry. The same applies if you are traveling to, or just want to make a short stop, on Korčula Island. The journey from Ploče to Trpanj is 1 hour long.

2018 timetable published

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