Foot passenger only ferry line from Gruž Harbour in Dubrovnik to Split, including stops at Makarska and islands Mljet (Pomena), Korčula, and Brač (Bol). Daily departures during summer season.

This is a Catamaran passenger ferry that connects Dubrovnik with Split and Makarska, including popular islands in Croatia; Mljet, Korčula and Brač. Cars are not permitted on board the ferry. If you wish to spend more time than a few hours at any of the destinations a cheaper and faster alternative might be to rent a car to go from Dubrovnik to Split. The ferry terminal in Split is the main passenger port in Croatia so it's well connected to many Croatian islands, including regular ferry connections to island Brač.

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High Season Timetable 2024

Valid from 10.6.2024 – 22.9.2024

Departures from Dubrovnik

Every day

Departure from Dubrovnik >> Mljet (Sobra) Korčula Makarska Brač (Bol) Split
15:05 17:00 / 17:10 17:50 / 18:00 19:15 / 19:25 20:00 / 20:10 21:10

Departures from Split

Every day

Departure from Split >> Brač (Bol) Makarska Korčula Mljet (Sobra) Dubrovnik
8:45 09:35 / 09:45 10:20 / 10:30 11:40 / 11:50 12:20 / 12:30 14:05

Split - Brač (Bol) - Makarska - Korčula (Old Town) - Mljet (Sobra) - Dubrovnik View timetable 2024 (PDF)

Price List in Euro - Dubrovnik ‐ Mlljet - Korčula ‐ Makarska - Brač ‐ Split

Split - Bol 20 EUR Dubrovnik - Mljet 20 EUR
Split - Makarska 20 EUR Dubrovnik - Korčula 25 EUR
Split- Korčula 30 EUR Dubrovnik - Makarska 45 EUR
Split - Mljet 30 EUR Dubrovnik - Bol 45 EUR
SPLIT - Dubrovnik 45 EUR (339.05 KN)Dubrovnik - SPLIT45 EUR (339.05 KN)
Bol - Makarska 20 EUR Mljet - Korčula 20 EUR
Bol - Korčula 25 EUR Mljet - Makarska 25 EUR
Bol - Mljet 25 EUR Mljet - Bol 25 EUR
Bol - Dubrovnik 50 EUR Mljet - Split 30 EUR
Makarska - Korčula 25 EUR Korčula - Makarska 25 EUR
Makarska - Mljet 25 EUR Korčula - Bol 25 EUR
Makarska - Dubrovnik 45 EUR Korčula - Split 30 EUR
Korčula - Mljet 20 EUR Makarska - Bol 20 EUR
Korčula - Dubrovnik 25 EUR Makarska - SPLIT 20 EUR
Mljet - Dubrovnik 20 EUR Bol - SPLIT 20 EUR

Important Notice

Sailing schedule is valid till further notice.

At Korčula port, docking is possible on the eastern or on the western side of the port. For exact information, please check at Agency “Korčula” 30 minutes before departure.

Timetable is subject to change

Tickets can be purchased ONLINE


  • PETS can only be transported if they do not present danger or disturbance to passengers or boat.
  • Owners take the risk of travel and are responsible for any damages.
  • Dogs need to have a muzzle (except for a blind person’s guide dog) and lead on the leash, cats in boxes, and birds in the cage.
  • Dogs and cats must have proper vaccination documents.
  • On the high speed lines, small pets are allowed in the catamaran salon.
  • Small pets are transported exclusively in the bag for carriage and transport of pets (transporter soft bag) maximum dimensions 45 x 35 x 25 cm.
  • The bottom of the bag must be watertight. The total weight of the bag with a pet should not exceed 8 kg.
  • The bag must be kept under the seat or in the lap during the entire journey.
  • Large pets are only allowed if the technical conditions are met on board (special cages).

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