The highlight of the Dubrovnik Republic was during the 15th and 16th centuries, that was the period of the most successful economic rise and of exceptional cultural creativity.

This was at the time of permanent Venetian aspiration for the domination of the Adriatic region and ever more frequent Turkish attack.

Dubrovnik, nevertheless, succeeded to extend its area and influence, while maintaining freedom and independence. Further, the Dubrovnik Republic further developed its economic strength, especially through maritime affairs and trade with salt. Harvesting salt was done from the salt works in Ston on Pelješac . Even today salt is still harvested the “old way” and tourists can apply to participate in this activity.

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This period is also considered the golden age for literature, science, painting, sculpture, building goldsmith’s work and other crafts.

As a result of this flourishing of cultural and economical life the medieval social structure of Dubrovnik Republic was changed, creating a new society modelled after the most developed and advanced societies of that time.

This lead to prosperity, evident in the accumulation of wealth among Dubrovnik’s aristocracy, many summer houses were build, both in Dubrovnik and in the surroundings.

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In order to prevent contagious disease and to control incoming goods Dubrovnik built also built the Lazareti complex, located 300 meters from Ploče gate.

Since Dubrovnik was considered an open town it attracted foreign artists who created some of their most precious work, at the same time never neglecting the local masters who produced some of the best examples of Dubrovnik’s cultural and architectural heritage.

While exploring Dubrovnik Old Town by foot you will witness the talent, effort and dedication these masters showed while creating these magnificent masterpieces of art and architecture. Read more about the history of Dubrovnik.