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Dubrovnik joins "Earth Hour" to save the Planet

Dubrovnik again supports the largest environmental event in history - Earth Hour.

Dubrovnik joins

As in previous years, Dubrovnik will once again join with more than 5,000 cities and towns in over 135 countries, switching off their lights for Earth Hour 2012.

Dubrovnik once again in top five destinations in Europe

Five cities one should visit on a tour of Europe: Dubrovnik, Tallinn, Bled, Karlovy Vary and San Marino

Dubrovnik once again in top five destinations in Europe

The article describes Dubrovnik with the following "If you only have one opportunity to visit a city in Croatia without a doubt this has to be Dubrovnik. Since the 1970’s this place has been included in the list of World Heritage cities. Among those sites which I have had the pleasure to visit, there can be no doubt that Dubrovnik fully deserves this standard. It is a beautiful city that is built entirely of stone and specializes in offering top quality tourism services.

Dubrovnik Shakespeare Festival 2012 Postponed

The Shakespeare festival announced over a year ago is postponed

Dubrovnik Shakespeare Festival 2012 Postponed

The Dubrovnik Shakespeare Festival will not be held in May 2012 in Dubrovnik, the announcement came from the founder and artistic director Michael Lederer

"We have been preparing the programme of the first Dubrovnik Shakespeare Festival with great enthusiasm for almost a full year now, but the economic and financial crisis that captured all of Europe directly influenced art and culture, making it impossible to close the financial structure of the Festival.

Luxury hotel in Dubrovnik "Royal Princess" to open in June

Dubrovnik luxury hotels welcome new member

Luxury hotel in Dubrovnik

In June 2012, Dubrovnik will welcome the opening of the thirteenth 5 star hotel, confirming it's status as the most elite destination in Croatia with the highest number of luxury hotels. The new hotel features 55 spacious and luxurious apartments, elegantly decorated and cascading enabling an uninterrupted view of the sea and Grebeni reef.

Direct train connection Moscow to Split introduced by Russian Railways

Great news for tourism in Split and Dalmatia

Direct train connection Moscow to Split introduced by Russian Railways

The news of a direct train connection between Moscow and Split for the 2012 season was welcomed by tourist workers and professionals around Split and Dalmatia.

The announcement came by Russian Railways on March 13, 2012. This can be seen as a sign of the increased interest from the Russian travel market in visiting and exploring Croatia. The Moscow - Split train connection is not the quickest route to the Adriatic with a journey of three days, but at the same time travellers will have the chance too pass through and see several countries on the way.

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